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Ron & Marta Davis, Station Managers

Ron & Marta Davis
Station Managers

Better Life Broadcasting Network is a 24 hour a day Christian television network that reaches much of Oregon and parts of Washington and Northern California. The Christ-centered programming we broadcast is designed to bring you into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as showing you how to live a happy healthier life. We hope you're blessed by the resouces we've gathered here. Please take your time and enjoy the pages to the left.

News, Events & Testimonies

2015 Camp Meeting Registration Opens April 1st

Join us June 12th & 13th at Milo Adventist Academy in Days Creek, Oregon for a weekend of blessings. The keynote speaker will be Pastor Doug Batchelor and there will be several musical guests. Lodging and meals are available for a modest fee, but there is no charge to attend the meetings.

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Full Power AM Radio Update

$1 Million Matching Challenge!

Better Life just launched a new end-of-the-year matching challenge. The challenge has two parts. First, we’re looking for people whom the Lord has entrusted substantial means to help build up the $1 million matching challenge with a pledge or donation. Secondly, we are seeking others who will contribute any amount to match the goal amount. Better Life is your ministry, please call to help today! (541) 474-3089.

UPDATE: As of 3/23/15 the amounts raised are:
Challenge Amount $449,000
Matching Amount $205,196.81

Better Health TV featured in Grants Pass Newspaper

The Grants Pass Daily Courier newspaper did an article about the new Better Health TV channel. Read the PDF article by clicking HERE.

Making a Difference!

At first, Pastor Ken Williams didn’t realize the power of broadcast evangelism when he took on the role of Pastor at the Coos Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church. He had never worked at a church where the local airwaves were saturated with the Adventist message...

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Better Life Featured in 3ABN World Magazine Article

Read the 3ABN World Magazine article that featured the minsitry of Better Life by downloading the PDF HERE.

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Better Life Celebrates 24 Years

As we pause this month to take a glance back at Better Life’s miracle filled 24 year history, our hearts fill with appreciation for everything the Lord has done for and through the ministry of Better Life.

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New Stations in Northern California!

Better Life is pleased to announce that 3 new stations in the Northern California area have just gone live! They include Santa Rosa, ch. 27.1, Napa Valley, ch. 45.1, and Sacramento/Chico, ch. 28.1! Very soon channel 3.1 will also be added for San Francisco. Stay tuned!

New Station Planned for Los Angeles!

It’s no overstatement to say that what we are announcing in January's magazine is the BIGGEST news in Better Life’s 23 year history... (L.A. Image © Galtman - Fotolia.com)

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Better Life Announces New Health Channel

This is the time of year when family and friends often surprise each other with gifts and other tokens of friendship and love. So we thought it would be the perfect time to unwrap a special gift we plan to roll out for you in 2014. It’s our brand new Health Channel coming soon throughout Oregon and California!
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Unprecedented Progress

What’s happening right now in your cities and towns is nothing short of historic. We’re talking BIG TIME historic.
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Viewer Phone Calls

It is such a blessing to answer the phones here at Better Life Broadcasting. Our theme in October is “effective evangelism” and that’s what we are finding the ministry of Better Life is day after day. Just read about some of these amazing calls.

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Reaching Children of All Ages

Better Life believes in creating and airing programs that will reach out to God’s children of all ages. No doubt you are familiar with our regular Bible study, cooking and health programs, but did you know that daily we have programming especially for children?

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Miraculous Breakthroughs in California!

Now hold onto your seat, because the news we have to share with you is some of the biggest we’ve ever shared. The Lord has opened up a HUGE evangelistic opportunity that will boggle your mind!

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From Rock 'n Roll to the Rock of Ages

Better Life believes that it’s our mission to be available in as many places as possible and that when we do this God will connect the message with the very people who need to hear the truth. Randy Griest’s story is a prime example of this.

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Better Life Featured in Gleaner Magazine

Better Life has been featured in the May 2013 issue of the Gleaner Magazine. The Gleaner is printed monthly and its the monthly news and inspiration source for Northwest Seventh-day Adventists. You can read the web version of the article HERE.

God Must Love a Bargain

For over two decades the Lord has led and provided for the ministry of Better Life Broadcasting Network. In the following story we share how God miraculously provided the Roseburg station for less than a quarter of it's original asking price. click the "read more" link for the whole story.

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Work Begins on Better Life Radio!

    Better Life is pleased to announce that Better Life Radio is coming to Southern Oregon! Work has begun to develop a FULL POWER AM station that will have an amazingly far reach.
    The signal is expected to extend from Roseburg, Oregon to Yreka, California and from Brookings to Klamath Falls, Oregon. Imagine being able to share the Gospel with the multitudes of those who travel along the I-5 for hours. It’s an evangelist’s dream come true!

(left: Donna Griffith, will soon be joining our staff as Radio Station Manager.)

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Keeping the Signal Strong!

Our cover this month (Feb. 2013) should give you a little idea of the challenges Better Life’s engineers face during a typical Northwest winter. It’s a picture of one of the antennas atop Soda Mountain encased in snow and ice. (Photo left courtesy Jeff Mize.) Our antenna (not seen) is also atop this mountain and it transmits to Klamath Falls and Yreka so when it’s off the air those two key cities are affected.

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What God Can Do!

A life changing event happened to me while attending Soquel Camp Meeting down in Central California one year. I was impressed by a presentation given by Janet Page. In it she challenged the attendees to build up their faith by partnering with God in pledging funds to His cause, funds that they might not have. Her talk so moved me that I decided that I needed to ask God if this was something He wanted me to do for Him...

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Church Finds Amazing Partnership with Better Life

Pastor Marvin Clark recently retired from being the Senior pastor of the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist Church. We asked him how Better Life had impacted his 15 year ministry at the Grants Pass SDA Church. Click below to hear his amazing response.

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2012 Fountainview Concert Now Online!

Enjoy the 2012 Fountainview Christmas Concert entitled, "Joy to the World" via our YouTube channel! Recorded at the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist Church. To view click HERE.

The entire series of "It's in the Bible" series now on YouTube

All 28 half hour episodes of Better Life's new series are now available to view free on YouTube! Hosted by Pastor Marvin Clark and his wife Judi, these programs cover 28 key Bible Doctrines in a family friendly format. Click "Read More" for direct links to each program listed by topic.

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Eugene Channel Goes Digital!

Better Life's Eugene over-the-air channel has been upgraded to digital ch. 36.1. Please have your digital TV or digital converter box find the new channel by running a "rescan", "channel scan" or "channel search"- depending on your make and model. If you have any questions about this change please use the contact us page on this website or call us at (541) 474-3089 during regular business hours.

Chart Shows to How to Setup Antenna

Better Life has prepared a simple PDF chart to help you hook up a TV antenna so you can get Better Life Broadcasting over the air. (If it's available in your area.) This will also be helpful for those who want to install an antenna in addition to a cable or satellite receiver.

Page two has a listing of all our stations to help make setup even easier! Click the image to the right to download the PDF now, or click HERE.

Better Life Adds 2 New Stations!

Better Life Broadcasting has the goal of reaching the Northwest with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's why we're so pleased that already in 2011 we've been able to add 2 more stations in Reno, NV and Redding, CA! This adds to the growing list of 23 stations that now cover much of Oregon and parts of California and Washington State, as well.

The Biggest Little City in the World
Reno, Nevada, is often referred to as “the Biggest Little City in the World,” with a metro area...

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An Atheist Finds a "Better Life"

    As far as we knew there was nothing unusual about Better Life’s visit to the Roseburg Seventh-day Adventist Church one Sabbath a few weeks ago. In fact, about every three weeks our team travels to one of the local churches in our viewing area to record the worship service for later airing on Better Life. But what we didn’t know was that God had something special planned for us that day...
(NOTE: Watch video at end of story)

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Better Life Computer Wallpaper Now Available

Better Life Broadcasting Network has just released new computer wallpaper that you can download for free! Simply choose your monitor size...

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